Intensive and gentle cleansing of the nose

Emcur® Nasal Douche + Emcur® Nasal Irrigating Salt


Nasal irrigations are a simple and effective method for the daily hygiene of the respiratory tract. A practical nasal irrigation system is available to you: the Emcur® Nasal Douche and Emcur® Nasal Irrigating Salt. Pathogens, allergens and dirt particles are simply and gently washed out of the nose.



The effect is what matters!

The Emcur® Nasal Douche and Emcur® Nasal Irrigating Salt simplify nasal irrigation. The coordinated filling volumes make it easy to produce the optimal concentration of the irrigating solution. Compared to common cooking salt or sea salt only suitable for basic cleansing, Emcur Nasal® Irrigation Salt® also contains.



Emcur® Nasal Irrigating Salt is tolerated particularly well as its mineral balance is adjusted close to the composition of the nasal mucus of healthy individuals.



Prevention of colds with EMCUR® NASAL DOUCHE